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Frequently asked questions:

-How much do your puppies cost and why don't you charge as much as other Pomsky breeders?

Our Pomskies will range from $2000-$4000 depending on eye color, markings, size, conformation and coat quality. We cannot guarantee that we will have the whole range of prices. We have not altered our price range in several years.  While other Pomsky breeders feel it necessary to raise their prices we feel it is important to remain steadfast in our prices to ensure that customers are not being price gauged. We would love for everyone to be able to have a Pomsky and by being consistent in prices it allows for families to plan ahead in purchasing. Our prices in no way reflect the quality of our Dams and Sires.  We purchase only the best and provide quality, beautiful Pomskies to their fur-ever families.

-What does the cost of a puppy include?

All of our puppies will be up-to-date on vaccinations, microchip, and de-wormings. Puppies will be vet checked and will have a 2 year health guarantee that will cover congenital health problems. Plus a fun puppy backpack full of goodies!

-How do I get on your list?

We require a $250 deposit to get on the list for future Pomsky litters which goes towards the price of your puppy. We will update our website and Facebook page regularly to include when our list will open. Our waiting list will open as soon as a future litter is confirmed. At that point you will be screened, and the $250 deposit will be required. Middle Tennessee Pomskies adheres to all rules and regulations set forth by The IPA and POA. The deposits are not refundable as that would defeat the purpose of a deposit but they can be transferred to future litters for any reason. If you are further down on the list and there are not enough puppies, you will remain on the list until future litters are available. At any time, you can decide to be removed from the list. However, the deposit will remain non-refundable. If for any reason it becomes evident that a buyer is not a good fit for our Puppies or for the objective of our company, we reserve the right to return the deposit no questions asked.

-Can you ship a puppy to me?

If you are unable to pick your puppy up in person, we can deliver to the continental 48 states for $500 dollars.  At this time we are taking buyers from Canada as well as international buyers on a case by case basis. We will make all the arrangements for USA deliveries and you just show up at your local airport and show photo ID to get your puppy. International and Canada shipment/delivery will be accepted on a case by case basis.  If you would like to purchase a puppy from us and you live outside of the continental USA you will need to contact us with your local quarrantine laws and airline rules/regulations.

-How does your waiting list work?

When puppies are about 3 weeks old and we can tell their eye color, we will post photos and videos and have people choose puppies in the order deposits were received. We do not charge pick of litter fees. If you want 1st pick, you can always roll your deposit to the next litter and be higher up on the list. We always reserve the right to keep puppies for our program and will take our pick or picks before the list begins choosing. You must pay for the puppy in full when you choose your puppy. If pups are not paid in full by 6 weeks of age, you forfeit the puppy and will have to wait for the next litter. We need time to make arrangements to send them home at 8 weeks, so we need to know for sure that the sale will go through at 6 weeks.

-How long will I have to wait for a puppy?

We will try to only take a maximum of 10 to 15 deposits at a time. That way we can be more certain that each customer will receive a puppy within 6 months. That being said, it is impossible to predict litter size or when a female will or will not get pregnant. If you are on our list you WILL get a puppy, but we ask that you be patient, as we are a small in-home breeder and can only have so many puppies per year.

-How big will my Pomsky get?

We cannot guarantee size. With Pomskies, there is always a chance of a throwback so we can have pups well under or over the expected weight range but from what we have seen you can expect a 50/50 to be about 18-30lbs for an F1/first generation.  F2/2nd gens tend to be in the 10lb to 20lb range depending on the pairings.

-Do Pomskies have any health problems?

So far we have not seen any health problems but this is a brand new hybrid and we still have a lot to learn. We do a 2 year congenital health guarantee and ask for an update every 6 months for this 2 year period for all of our puppies so that if health issues do arise, we will know about them and they can be addressed.

-Where are you located?

We are located in Middle Tennessee, very close to Nashville.

-Do Pomskies shed?

Pomsky coats are typically somewhere between a Husky coat and a Pomeranian coat. They are soft and fluffy, but have a silky quality that most Pom coats lack. Most of the dead hairs will sit in the coat until you brush them out, so shedding is not a big issue with regular brushing. They do blow coat in the summer and for about a month they will shed like crazy, but again, this can be controlled with more frequent brushing.

-What are temperaments of Pomskies like?

Pomsky personalities will vary, but they all have some Pom traits and some Husky traits. They are very smart and easy to train. They typically will howl or “talk” like Huskies but only on occasion. They are much more focused on their human family and less independent than your typical Husky but do not always have to be underfoot like your typical Pomeranian.

-How do you breed a husky with a Pomeranian?

All our breedings are done with a Husky female and a Pomeranian male. We do not do natural breedings due to the ineffectiveness and possible danger to the dogs. It is all done through artificial insemination. We have a great deal of knowledge and have been trained and educated by the original Pomsky breeder, Tressa Peterson from Apex Pomskies. We follow a strict protocol which includes testing and quality assurance to assure the safety of our dogs and the best possible chance of pregnancy.

-What if we want to breed our Pomsky?

All of our puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter agreement unless you are approved to buy a puppy on a breeder contract. This approval will be based upon your knowledge of breeding, as well as your knowledge of the canine artificial insemination process. We reserve the right to refuse a breeder contract at any time. You will pay an additional $1500 for breeding rights and we do a puppy back agreement where we get 2nd pick from your first litter. We will be available for questions and to mentor any individual who we approve for a breeder contract. Anyone considering buying a puppy as a pet and then secretly breeding it should know that we require proof of spay and neuter by 6 months of age. If this is not provided, we will prosecute you to the full extent of the law and you could lose your Pomsky and not get any money back because you will be in violation of contract.  If surgery must be delayed because the puppy is sick, we require proof of this from your vet as well as their contact information to verify. We do not allow people to keep their pets intact because they feel that fixing them is cruel. So please do not ask. Any vet will tell you that early spay and neuter is not only healthy for the dog, but will make training and getting along with other animals much easier.


-If I have completed the application process, but not put down a deposit, does this mean I will be guaranteed a place on your waiting list?


We screen all of our applicants based on who we feel is the best fit for our puppies. We reserve the right to refuse to sell one of our Pomskies to anyone without explanation.  If you have been asked to place a deposit and do not accept at that time, this does not mean that you will have a chance to be on the list in the future, as we have many people who are waiting to be on our approved waiting list. If you do refuse at the time of acceptance, please note that you must be re-screened at a later date, which places you at the bottom of the application process.

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