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Welcome to our "Dam" page! Please feel free to scroll through our pictures and let us know if you have any questions.


"Cali" F1 50/50 Pomsky Parents: VV Dezi/Mowgli

MTP Cori

Cori is an F1 50/50 Pomsky female, Cori loves people, especially little kids. Cori's favorite treat is Oinkie bones and string cheese.

MTP Popcorn

Popcorn is an F2 Pomsky female. She was named after my kiddos favorite snack. When she was a puppy she bounced around like a Popcorn kernal!

MTP Bebe

Bebe is an F2 Pomsky female. She is the daughter of our sweet Belle. She is literally our Bebe Belle! Bebe is weighing in at a whopping 10lbs of floof!

MTP "Belle"

"Belle" F1 50/50 Pomksy Dam Parents: Mojo Jojo/Meatball


Rose, daughter of Buffy and Meatball, is an F1 Pomsky female. She is one of our beloved Mamas and is residing in Mississippi in her guardian home.

MTP "Misty"

"Misty" 100% Siberian Husky

MTP Luna

Luna is an F2b Pomskimo female. She is extremely sweet and lives with in a guardian home with her furever family. At this time Luna has never been a Mama but when the time is right we hope to have a beautiful litter from her.

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