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The Peterson and Smith family have always been big animal advocates. We began our Pomsky adventure together in 2013.  We are currently one of the longest active Pomsky breeders in the World. Established in 2014 with our first F1 litter. Since then we have enjoyed spreading our Pomsky love with over 500 happy families!  It is hard to let these adorable puppies go, so we developed the VIP (Very Important Pomsky) page, where our Pomsky families can stay in contact with us and always have a trusted Pomsky network that they can turn to. 


Middle Tennessee Pomskies is home of the most beautiful and healthy Pomskies. We strive to make your Pomsky buying experience pleasant by being available via email (, Facebook (, and telephone (615-403-4978).  We are members of the Good Breeder Program, have been recognized by many organizations, as well as listed as one of the Top 12 Best Pomsky breeders in The Dogs Journal.  We are members of the Pomsky Owners Association as well as abide by our own set of ethical rules.  We strive to provide healthy, socialized, beautiful Pomsky puppy's to each of our owners.  


Our Pomskies are Family and Family is Fur-ever. 


Mom fort.jpg
Cyndi Peterson

Cyndi, a self-trained seamstress loves to sew as well as research the family genealogy.  She is an avid fan of interior design and has a knack for it. Cyndi is our puppy whisperer.  She is one of our Pomsky midwives and is there for every birth.  She enjoys working with our puppies to socialize them as well as using her researching skills to find new methods of working with our dogs and puppies.

Mike Peterson

Mike is a retired commercial insurance auditor.  He is the mouth piece of the business.  Mike has a wonderful sense of humor and has never met a stranger. He enjoys meeting new owners and sharing his love for Pomskies with new families.  Mike assists in each breeding as well as making sure that all of our dogs have proper care, including vet visits, heart worm testing/prevention, progesterone tests, ultrasounds, xrays, etc.

Family Pic 2023.jpg
Adam & Karen Smith Bio:

We have been married for 19 years and have 3 kids, Campbell 15 years old, Paisley 5 years old, and Gunnar 2 years old.  Through out the years as our human family grew we have enjoyed introducing our kids to the wonderful world of Pomsky breeding. Our family lives just outside of Nashville, Tennessee on a little over 2 acres, where we have created a ½ acre enclosure for their Huskies & Pomskies to be able to have the freedom to run and enjoy the beauty of Tennessee.

When we are not breeding Pomskies, you may find us at one of Campbell's wrestling matches, on a beach, or at Disney World. 

Adam Smith

Adam is one busy guy!  Adam is a full time employee at Vanderbilt Medical Center as well as being a co-owner of Middle Tennessee Pomskies.  The Pomsky business is a welcome respite for him as he enjoys working with the dogs and tinkering with new inventions for our Pomsky business.  He is Middle Tennessee Pomskies dog breeder.  Adam has further researched the artificial insemination process at length in order to be educated in the safest ways to breed our dogs. 

Campbell Smith

Campbell takes after Grandma in the dog whispering department.  All of our Mamas, look to Campbell as one of the members of their pack.  Campbell enjoys running and playing with our dogs and puppies and helps to make sure that all of our puppies are socialized with kids.  It is not unusual to see Campbell toting a puppy under his arm as he plays with his XBOX. Our Pomsky puppies go home well socialized with children, adults, as well as other dogs. One of Adam and Campbell’s hobbies is to collect an assortment of reptiles (much to Karen’s chagrin).  They enjoy studying them but have a firm catch and release policy enforced by Karen.

Karen Smith

Karen likes to work behind the scenes.  She was a manager at Vanderbilt University Medical center for many years and has extensive knowledge in the administrative portion of the family business. Her passion with dogs came to her as a young child growing up with an assortment of family pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, hermit crabs, & turtles.  As well as rescuing just about anything with 4 legs. Karen enjoys spending time with her dogs and also loves to tinker with new ideas and building new things.  She works closely with Mike, Cyndi, and Adam in their responsibilities as well as managing the administrative portion of Middle Tennessee Pomskies. 

Spicy Paisley.jpg
Paisley Smith

Paisley is our spicy addition to the Smith family. She has developed her love of animals early as she gets to help the puppies learn how to socialize with little ones. Paisley loves to smile, laugh and interact with new people. Her favorite person is her big brother, Campbell.

Gunnar Smith

Gunnar is our newest addition to the Smith Family. He is a rough and tumble kid but loves all of the animals and enjoys following behind Mama as she takes care of everyone. Gunnar loves Mickey Mouse and anything Disney. 

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