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Middle Tennessee Pomskies Lay-A-Way Program!

Middle Tennessee Pomskies Lay-A-Way Program


Hello and thank you for reaching out to us! We are so excited to roll out our new Lay-a-Way program. Our Layaway is a purchasing method by which our customers may place a deposit on a puppy to “lay it away” for later pickup. We will set up a payment agreement by which you will receive an invoice on the designated dates of pay. When you are able to pay the final balance, the puppy will then be ready for pick up. We will not charge interest and this plan will be available to almost anyone, even those with bad credit. All payments will be made via square. Square is a payment source similar to PayPal but with the flexibility to set up multiple scheduled invoices. The customer is not required to set up a square account. When it is time for payment, the customer clicks on the link provided in your email.


Please review the FAQs below:

1. Once I select my puppy and make my first payment, is the puppy reserved?

- Yes! Once you have placed your first deposit, your puppy is reserved for you.

2. Will there be a contract that needs to be signed?

- Yes! To protect all parties involved, a contract will be required to be signed along with the adoption agreement.

3. When can I pick up my puppy?

- Once final payment has been made and the puppy is age appropriate, pick up/delivery will be agreed upon.

4. What if I decide I do not want the puppy anymore?

- if a customer is unable to complete the payment agreement, 50% of the cost of the puppy will be retained by Middle Tennessee Pomskies.

5. How many payments can I make?

-Payment arrangements will be done on an individual basis. However, the reserved puppy must be paid off within 4 bi-weekly payments or by the time the puppy is 3months old.

6. What if my puppy gets sick while in your care?

-We will take excellent care of your puppy while they are in our care. Per our health agreement, we require that pet insurance is purchased in order to activate your health guarantee.

7. Once I select my puppy can I transfer my layaway to another puppy if I decide I like it better?

-Puppy reservations are non-transferable.


Middle Tennessee Pomskies Lay-A-Way Program (Continued)


8. Can I come and visit my puppy while I am making payments?

- Yes, once your puppy has been reserved you may visit it a maximum of two times while making your payments. If you are unable to come and visit with your puppy, facetime/Skype can be arranged so that you can see your puppy play. Updated pictures will be sent once a week until the puppy goes home.

9. Are there any opportunities for a discount within this layaway program?

-YES! If you reserve your puppy before they are 5 weeks old or younger, you will qualify for a $200 discount! 

10. Can I change my puppy's name!

-Yes! Once your puppy is reserved, you may select a different name for it. We will begin calling it by that name. We strive to have well socialized, healthy puppies. Our family will take extra special care of your puppy and make sure that they are well socialized with kids as well as introduced to new sounds and experiences.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Happy Holidays,

The Middle Tennessee Pomskies family

Karen Smith 615-403-4978

Mike Peterson 615-624-2284

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