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Valentine's Day Visitor

Logan came by to say hi tonight for Valentine's day, and of course, stayed to play with Frank for a while. They have such a special relationship. Frank treats him differently than he does me, and he obeys all of his commands when Logan gives them. Logan can make him stay, sit, down, up, and several more things, and Frank sure does love to play with Logan. He's a little more aggressive with Logan than he is with me, but I think he takes his cue from Logan that it's okay. Here he is playing with his rope toy. It used to be a nice pretty toy, but he has unraveled it to the point where it's just a long rope now. Again if you have a dog who chews toys, I would recommend the Kong brand, as they seem to be able to take a licking and keep on ticking. I attached a picture of it about a week after we got it, where he had already started fraying it, but here it is 3 months later, still a rope although not as it was originally. This is what he's playing with, with Logan.

I have a picture of Frank with his paws crossed. I saw a discussion on my Pomsky page that made me realize that this must be a Pomsky trait. I've never had a dog that's done this before at any rate, and many of the pomskies on my Pomsky family page do this. It's so cute, and he reminds me of a little man laying there with his paws crossed.

I also included a picture of Logan with Braveheart. Logan wanted to take a picture with him. Braveheart has not had a good day today. He has had two small seizures, and has not kept some food down as a result. Afterwards he became incontinent both times. It's in his eyes that things are not going well, so keep my sweet baby in your prayers. He's 17, so I don't intend to take any extraordinary measures, but I do want him comfortable and happy for as long as possible.


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