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It's a mystery...

Help me solve a mystery! For the last few weeks Frank has been getting out of the gate between my bedroom and the kitchen. I try to shut them up when I'm gone, although I leave it open when I'm at home. I saw him pull the gate open one time because I didn't have it tight. So I got the bolt thing out and tightened it. Now it is very hard to open, and you have to push it at the top on the latch and pull at the same time. I'm fairly certain he didn't get out that way. But he got out again after that, so I started thinking he was going over the top.

This is how I left today, and when I got home, he met me at the front door, although the gate and the baby gate were both as I had left them. He got out again, somehow! Short of being Harry Houdini, I'm not sure what's up his sleeve. It's really not a big deal that he's got run of the house, as he's been doing really good with going outside to use the bathroom, but now I'm just determined that I'm going to win this battle. Anybody got any ideas?


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