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Fun with Frank: Nov 29, 2018

Updated: May 31, 2019

Fun with Frank: Nov 29, 2018

So this is my first big post about Frank since I got him two weeks ago. We've had two weeks to adjust to each other and get to know each other's ins and outs. Life is very different with Frank than it was with Spike, and you may not have as many funny things happening with him, but I hope you enjoy this.

One of the big things I've noticed is how nice it is to be able to kick my shoes off and leave them on the floor without fear of them being chewed, to leave the bathroom door open without fear of toilet paper being strewn all over the room, and to be able to see my cats and pet them because they're not afraid of Frank, like they were of Spike. Truly he's a joy to have around, and while I miss Spike's attitude and playfulness, I do love Frank's more sedate nature. It has taken a while for him to show any kind of real closeness to me, but just in the last couple of days I'm starting to see some of the same possessiveness in him that Spike had toward me.

Messy boy!

One of the pictures is of his food bowl. He is very messy, and like Spike, always seems to find the one at the very bottom that he wants, and pushes all the other food out to get to it. So I guess some things never change he seems to be a little scared of the cats, or did at first, but now they are tolerating him and he doesn't bother them or pester them. The other morning I woke up and both were actually in the bed with me. Frank sleeps with me every night, and he sleeps good. He doesn't try to get up on me or lay on me, he just lays beside me and is very calm. However his internal clockwork goes off at 6 a.m. every morning! I feel like I have a child again, so we are working on sleeping a little bit later LOL. comfy....

One of the big issues originally was getting him to go in the backyard and use the bathroom. He started out very well, but the spot he like to go was very close to the fence. The problem with that is that I have an electric fence, installed for the German shepherds to keep them in. I don't speak dog and couldn't tell Frank to be careful. Yep you guessed it - he backed his rear end up right in the middle of a #2 and got the shock of his life. He ran to the porch and cried like a baby for over an hour. I felt bad for the next few days I had to take him out on a leash and walk him out in the yard because he was so scared. Eventually, things got better, and he got to where he would go out by himself again. Yep you guessed it, until he backed up against the fence again then we had to start the outside training all over again LOL. I've noted that for the last 3-4 days he now goes in the middle of the yard and doesn't get near the fence haha.

It took him a week to figure out he could step over that little doggie gate that I had keeping him in the back part of the house with me. He got so excited when Kevin's girls were over here yesterday that he went right over it. So now I have the taller fence, but I'm probably not going to use it. There's no reason to keep him separated from the main part of the house, as he doesn't use the bathroom inside and he doesn't pester the cats. So he's probably going to have run of the house, which will be much easier on me not having to step over a doggy gate.

Braveheart & Spike BFFs already

The biggest surprise, and the most pleasant besides the cats, is the fact that he likes Braveheart and Braveheart likes him. Many times you'll see scenes like the picture here, where they are laying beside each other. They don't acknowledge that they like each other, but they're always close to each other. This is something I love and something I was hoping for. It'll be a great way for Braveheart end a long life, having a good companion like Frank.

Another characteristic, like Spike, is his love of chewing up toys. He went through three this past two weeks. I bought some Kong toys at Petco the other day, and he came with his big red bone from his previous home, that is seemingly indestructible. I can't give him anything with cloth in it in any way whatsoever, as it'll be gone within minutes. But with the new toys, he has shown that he likes to play, and while he doesn't fetch and bring back to me like Spike used to constantly, he will have a little fun with me throwing toys and him getting them. He likes the ones that you can hide the treat in better, and he'll play with one of those for hours, then fall asleep with it between his arms. He also loves it when the grandchildren come over, and particularly when the boys play with him. Logan can make him do all of his tricks and Cole can too. Sometimes he'll sit for me or stay, but not very often But he minds the boys, so I guess that's good LOL

I won't lie to you, two weeks ago I had my doubts, the day I brought him home, and I even expressed some of them to Adam and Karen in a phone call that night. But he is slowly winning me over, as I am him, and I look forward to many more years with this sweet boy.


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