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Green eye'd Frank...

In an interesting turn of events, Frank has become jealous. When he started showing that he could be trusted in the house, I started leaving the gate open in the bedroom, so that he had free run of the house. In return, that meant the cats had free run of the house, including my bedroom, again. Shadow is used to being in my chair and in my lap. You can't imagine what that is caused in the way of grief for Frank!

The other day he came running to jump in my lap, and I guess he wasn't paying attention to the fact there was already a cat in my lap. When he landed, all heck broke loose. He yelped, Shadow meowed, and both ran in opposite directions out of my lap. I almost couldn't stand up from laughing so hard. At that point they both decided that the other was the interloper. They like each other, they sniff each other, and they will be around each other, but not in my lap. Frank doesn't want the cat anywhere around me, and the cat is determined to beat Frank to my chair every time. Frank doesn't understand what has happened. As he sees it, that is his spot and always has been since he arrived here. What he doesn't know is that before he arrived here, before Spike, that was Shadow's spot. Spike prevented that, and when Spike was gone, he quickly came back to my lap... until Frank arrived. He is determined not to give that spot up ever again. so every day, when I get through with my work and sit down, we have a little bit of drama. Most of it revolves around Frank pouting, and the cat acting like he's king of the house, lording it over Frank.

Today we had a new drama. They leave me alone when I'm in the office working, except that Frank is at my feet. Today the cat jumped on my desk and tried to get in my lap. The look on Frank's face said it all. He was determined that he had already given an inch and he was not going to give a mile.

At any rate, I'm very happy that they do like each other and it's not a fight. It could be a lot worse. I just need to stay out of the middle of it, and they will remain friends.


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