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Holiday Foods NOT good for Fido!

I know, right…another list of DON’TS. Seems like no one likes to see us have any good harmless fun anymore. We canines have been able to figure out for ourselves for thousands of years what we were going to bring to the dinner table, but now with all of the self-help books out there as well as GOOGLE, we can’t seem to negotiate around what is

"PUP-IT-ICLE CORRECTNESS". Or at least that is what I used to think when I was just a young pup, but now that I have had to let out a few more notches on my collar and after a few quick trips to the vet, I have found that there are some safe hints that should be passed along to the younger generations…

1. What you see is not necessarily what you get.

Sweet Stuff…my Great Aunt Georgia (a true Southern Bell), a larger than life Diva if I ever saw one. She thought that everyone was here to cater to her every whim, but she got a vey stern and permanent pull on her chain when she grabbed, out a wee young human cub’s hands, a large helpin of doggie treats. They are the kind that resemble tinny piglet bones, are coated with a hard outer shell and are advertised to help build pup bones and bodies and to make all more healthy, wealthy and wise. However, that is not the whole information. Auntie Georgia knocked a gallon sized container out of the wee one’s hands and quickly devoured nearly 2/3’s of the treats. She didn’t make it home from her last visit to the vet. They said that she had liver damage from eating too many treats. (???) We heard that this is also true of:

a. Avocado

b. Alcohol

c. Onions/Garlic

d. Zylitol (Sweetener)

e. Coffee and Tea

f. Macadamia Nuts

g. Dairy Products (for lactose intolerance)

h. Chocolate

i. Grapes or Raisins

j. Peaches, Plums and Persimmons

k. Salt

l. RAW Fish and Meat

m. Raw Eggs

n. Yeast Dough

o. Mushrooms

p. Peppers

2. Just fooln around.

Unfun stories I hate to repeat, but will, to increase awareness and reduce frequency of accidental poisoning. A few years ago, a friend of a friend of a friend told me that there are only two things that cannot be undone…a spent arrow and the spoken word. BUT, that list goes way beyond the number 2. For instance, once you have eaten a poisonous mushroom from the back yard, it cannot be undone by a generous veterinarian or one of Grandma’s remedies. In addition to mushrooms, you can add:

a. Azaleas

b. Begonias

c. Daffodils

d. Foxgloves

e. Hydrangeas

f. Herbs (Lavender, lemon vergena, mint, oregano)

g. Lilies

h. Oleander

i. Rhodendrons

j. Tomatoes

k. Tulips

l. Yarrow

3. TuRkEy DaY!!!

True or False? Are the following items from a Thanksgiving Dinner toxic to my furry cousins (aka your Fido)?

-Turkey: (FALSE) According to AKC Turkey is included in many types of dog food. However the way your hoomans prepare it may make it less digestible for you. (i.e the herbs and spices)

-Cranberries: (FALSE) AKC also states that plain cranberries are not toxic to us floofy canines. When grapes or raisins are added that is when it becomes unsafe for us to eat.

-Raisins: (TRUE) Anything containing Raisin in it IS toxic and can cause kidney failure.

-Carrots: (FALSE) AKC says that carrots are a healthy and tasty snack for us. But WATCH OUT!!! When not cut and chewed properly they do become a choking hazzard.

-Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, blue berries, and cheese: (FALSE) Are all safe for your fido. But please remember that everything in moderation. There is some truth to "to much of a good thing".

-Peas: (TBD) According to AKC peas are safe as long as they are not canned. Canned peas have a lot of sodium which is not good for Fido. However new studies have shown that peas can cause heart problems when consumed in large quantities.

The affect may not be severe enough to cause death, but vomiting and diarrhea may be a result (and who’s pet mom or dad wants that? Eww!!)

Therefore, to surmise, STAY out of the bars, eat right, pass these words of canine wisdom along for the tail you save may be your own.

Man's best furriend,


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