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Happy Birthday Little Nala!

Nala turned five years old on September 14, 2014. She was able to do lots of her favorite things in honor of this special day! Check out the pictures below of her Spa day/Birthday fun!

"I love riding with the top down! Feeling the air on my face and smelling all of the different smells makes me so happy."

"First stop! I have to look my best for my birthday!"

"These ladies sure do a good job! I got a bath and they blew out my floofy coat!"

"Sometimes I get to excited and forget I am not supposed jump...But it's ok! Who wouldn't be excited when they are turning 5!"

"Now I am off to find a new toy!"

"Oh no! So many choices!!! Hmmm"

"2 hrs later...just kidding! It was a hard choice but Mama helped me pick out my new favorite toy!"

"I had the best Birthday ever! But everyday with my people is the best!"

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