Welcome to our "Dam" page! Please feel free to scroll through our pictures and let us know if you have any questions.


"Mckenzie" American Eskimo Dam


"Dani" F1 50/50 Pomsky Dam

MTP "Rose"

"Rose" F1 50/50 Pomsky Dam Parents: Buffy/Meatball

MTP "Belle"

"Belle" F1 50/50 Pomksy Dam Parents: Mojo Jojo/Meatball

MTP "Cori"

"Cori" F1 50/50 Pomsky Dam Parents: Storm/Meatball

MTP "Cali"

"Cali" F1 50/50 Pomsky Future Dam Parents: VV Dezi/Mowgli

MTP "Buffy"

"Buffy" 100% Siberian Husky

MTP "Misty"

"Misty" 100% Siberian Husky

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MTP "Buffy"

"Buffy" 100% Siberian Husky